A Consultancy With a Mission -
To Be the Best in the Business

The CABET Group has been the best in its field for the past 32 years and we're still not satisfied. We are the most professional and most successful employment consultancy in Chicago. No one provides higher quality services. We are the best managed and the leader in our field. We make good things happen for our clients and have for over 30 years, but we want to be better. WE WANT TO STAY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.  

More Than 30 Years in the Business - Experience Works

Established in 1972, The CABET Group has become the premiere provider of job training and career planning services. We've served more than 35,000 individuals and 10,000 businesses. We've managed hundreds of contracts for a variety of government agencies. We are the best in the business because we know what we're doing and we have the track record to prove it.

Strong Leadership is Our Foundation - Success Doesn't Happen by Chance

Staying in business for more than 30 years isn't an accident - it's the result of strong leadership, a clear strategic vision, and smart management skills. Founded by business executives who knew what it took to succeed in business, we have an extraordinary record of delivering results.   

-   $100 million in public contracts for employment and training services from
    federal, state, and local agencies.  

-   85% of the individuals we have served found employment or completed
    career training programs or college.    

-   $500,000 saved in recruitment costs by our business clients.         

Innovation Drives Us - Our Clients Reap the Rewards

To remain the best in our business, The CABET Group must continually innovate. Since our inception in 1972, we have led the field in new and creative strategies to better serve our clients. We were the first to manage On-The-Job Training Contracts for the City of Chicago. We instituted The Employment System of Training (TEST) that moves individuals into new jobs fast. Other innovative techniques like Q-Dialogue, Quality Circles and Experienced-Based Learning have made us an outstanding leader in client consultation and job training.

The Client is Our #1 Priority - If Just One Client Doesn't Succeed, We Fail

The CABET Group measures success one individual at a time, one business at a time, and one contract at a time.   Our employment consultants take pride in knowing each individual client's employment and career goals. Each individual's Plan for Success is customized and unique. Each business client's recruitment needs are catalogued in a computerized data base that is linked directly to a data base filled with qualified candidates.   Each public contract that we manage is the contract as far as we are concerned. Whether individual, business or government client, we take the relationship personally. Unless we're all winners, nobody wins. That is what we believe.

Our Services Are Worth a Million Dollars - They Won't Cost You a Dime

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